22–23 of August 2020 10am – 7pm

for winter-garden, entrance area, bar, beauty/spa salon, bathroom, etc insusceptible to humidity, temperature, wind, air contamination or cleanable.

... they do exist! :) Just you have to pay attention not only to aesthetics, size, color, emotion but also to materials used while creation. For example, the varnish used for automotive industry is very beloved by contemporary artists ;) :)) Let you surprise!

Welcome to LUXEXPO Parking South, Level 2

Individual advisory:


“The new way of measuring time”

#art2innovation #art2business

New art-space where the artworks could be bought for ₿ (Bitcoin) alternatively to €-payments.

IVAN KULINSKI Sculpture Bulgaria

INSPIRARIA Painting Georgia

RENĖ ROESER Surrealistic photography Luxembourg

OPEN & SAFE Exhibition visiting by appointment from 18.05.2020

«Foundry» 38, route d'Esch | L-1470 Luxembourg ; +352-661-311205

See/buy art-works

Free webinar related to well-being and human aspects of working environment. Duration: 1h

"How to affect the people through art-environment?"

Art2Business / Art4Business / Business THROUGH Art: why / how (goals / realization tools)


  • art-environment as a visualization of the business or individual’s mission, status, philosophy inside the working or living spaces

  • creating of desired mood in the working or living spaces

  • stimulating a positive dialogue inside the negotiation spaces

  • social responsibility demonstration through art-events such as art-competitions, young artists support, art-educational activities

LANGUAGE: presentation will be held in English and you can ask your questions in FR / DE / RU / UA

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If you are interested in artwork purchasing/ make offer/ art-lending, please contact us: +352 661 311 205

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