My name is Oxana Berezhna and I am a colorful synthesis of different cultures, impressions and passions. I was born in Ukraine and moved to Germany when I was 12 years old. Besides Germany I was living in Italy, England, Switzerland, Denmark and Luxembourg. Eventually I landed in France and enjoy its beautiful culture, language and landscapes.

Oxana Berezhna


Like ancient Greeks, I believe that real art can change the soul of humans and empower them to high achievements.


Consequently, I feel that nature, art and music transform me and elevate me to a higher, more beautiful level of existence. In return, through painting I enjoy creating my own reality, seeing around me the beauty of light and colors, and presenting it on my canvases in such a way, that observer is attracted by its enigma. 

The means which are given me through oil and allow me an infinite source for expression and development. In addition, I have enjoyed lessons from renowned artists from all over the world, including Italy, France, Spain, Ukraine and USA.


2023-03: ”Baroque Music”, Art-Management, LU

2023-02: Solo-exhibition, Bourglinster Castle, LU 

2022: 2 charity exhibitions organized by ”Art-Management”, LU

2022-7 "Music Art" Art Event for Ukraine, Luxembourg

2021-12 Tango Dancing school in Metz, France

2021-11 Tango church in Petite-Rosselle, France

2020-04 ARTBOX.PROJECT Zurich 2.0

2020-03 ARTBOX.PROJECT Barcelona 1.0

2020-03 Art Nordic, Copenhagen Denmark

2020-01 Piano Academy, Aarhus Denmark

2019-09 Stilling-Gram Art Association, Skanderborg Denmark

2019-02 Trodspejlet salon gallery, Aarhus


2018-10 – 2020-06: Troldspejlet salon      gallery, Aarhus Denmark

2018-02 Terma Art Club, Aarhus Denmark


If you are interested in cooperation / artwork acquiring, please contact us: +352 661 311 205

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