She attended an Art studio for several years where she learned different techniques connecting them with her personal way of expression. Her paintings have been exhibited since 2005 in Turin and Venice mainly. She became a winner and got a lot of awards for participating in artistic competitions in Italy.

Vita Bellacico


Italian artist currently living and working between Turin and Luxembourg. Her beloved city of Turin stirs up strong emotions within her flowing then into the search for artistic beauty and spiritual development. 

Her eclectic style allows her to move easily from the acrylic to watercolour and oil. 

Her divine paintings allow you to switch off from the reality to world of elegant colours, tender flowers and unearthly beauty. Indeed, you’ll get a huge positive charge, this art-relax will bring a piece and calmness to your mind. 


2005 – 2018 – collective exhibitions, art competitions in different cities of Italy

2018 – 2020 – exhibitions in Italy and Luxembourg 

Solo Exhibitions:

2018 Oct : “Foyer Europeén”, LU, Exhibition “La vie en fleur”

2009 November :  Micro' Gallery, IT, Turin - "I colori della pioggia" (The colors of rain) 

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