Born in 1976, lives and works between France, Luxembourg and Bulgaria.

Her work can be found in private collections in Bulgaria, the United States, Germany, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Poland, Hungary, Belarus, and Turkey.

Silvia Karamfilova


In the past 21 years, Silvia has been concentrating on selected topics and events from our contemporary life. She places the biggest emphasis and effort in finding an interesting topic through which to be able to tell a given story, as well as to ponder on cardinal philosophical and symbolic categories in life. Some of these topics include: de personae – portraits; windows, doors and bridges; symbolic cities; words; trees and flowers; shared aspects of the people’s lives in the Balkans.

Gaining knowledge about our world underlies every project she undertakes. It is linked not only to her formal education, but also involves travel, observation, making photography, reading, discussions, processing the acquired knowledge/ information to make sense of it and arrive at her own visual interpretation. Silvia’s projects often consist of multiple works executed over long periods of time, often produced in a range of different media, grouped around a specific theme and meaning.


2021 “Stories” solo-show, Ancien Cinema Cultural Club, Vianden, LU

2021 online presence on Artnet by “Art-Management”

2021 “Stories”, Online presentation

2021 “HOME” Art Charity Event for Red Cross, organized by “sArt-Management”, LU

2019 Ancien Cinema Cultural Club, Vianden, LU

2018 Wallonie Bienvenue, Arlon, BE

2017 Maison de la Laïcité, Arlon, BE

Fine art exhibition, Foyer Europeen, European Court of Justice, LU

“The World Around Us”, Cultural Institute of Bulgaria, Budapest, HU

2016 “The City”, Fest;tisztit Art Gallery, Budapest, HU

“The World Around Us”, Ancien Cinema Cultural Club, Vianden, LU

2013 “The Year of the Horse”, Private Equestrian Club, Mirepoix, FR

2011 Fine Art Exhibition, Kito Bookstore, Sofia, BU

2010 Fine Art Exhibition, Kempinsky Hotel Zografski Art Gallery, Sofia, BU

2009 “Trees and Flowers in Time”, Lucky Gallery, Sofia, BU

2004 “Easter”, Bulgarian Eastern-Orthodox Church, Budapest, HU

Fine Art Exhibition, KPMG Bulgaria, Sofia, BU

2002 “Neighbors”, Aula Gallery, Izmir, TR

2001 “Words”, Lucky Gallery, Sofia, BU

2000 “The Balkans – Captured Moments”, Vitosha Gallery, Sofia, BU


Silvia has also participated in over 50 group exhibitions in various countries around the world. 

If you are interested in cooperation / artwork acquiring, please contact us: +352 661 311 205

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