The painter of Georgian origin, was born in 1978 in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. 

Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, Tbilisi, Georgia, she lives in Luxembourg since 2001.

Member of the European Academy of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg



Inspiraria is the artistic pseudonym of Nina Kokhtashvili. She developed her personalized style working with oil painting on canvas. Inspiraria also works on portraits in “Dry brush” technique.

Inspired since childhood by mythology, she projects the magical and mysterious spirit in her creations. Filigree patterns, fine lines, transparent details add a touch of sensual femininity all her works.

The artist reveals artistic creativity in the confluence of worlds, between dream and reality.

The multiplicity of terrestrial, aquatic and celestial motives leaves no one indifferent and immediately immerses the visitor into the universe of symbols as metaphysics. 

The game of transparency also allows the creator to free herself from the rigidity of the material to reveal only the essence of being in its spiritual fullness. 

Nature is also variously present in the artist’s paintings. The moon and the young man who observe each other in the starry night ...

Inspiraria exhibits her works in her native country as well as in Luxembourg and France.

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