Born in 1944, lives and works in Luxembourg.

His artworks are in many public and private collections world-wide as well as presented at the Embassies of Luxembourg in Vienna (AT) and Dubai (UAE). 

Ott Neuens

Paintings with natural pigments, goldfoil, precious stones

"Painting with beeswax fascinates him. This technique was invented by the Egyptians and rediscovered by Eugène Delacroix ... It creates, perhaps involuntarily, a bridge between ancient Egypt and our current culture of lyrical abstraction. Alchemy starts to play a dominant role. He holds the medium, juggles it, but he wants to use it in different ways, to invent other possibilities. Through adding of the pigments pressed into the wax he receives a thicker material, superimposed in the colored layers. The tactile, sensitive reliefs obtained by this technique gives a new reading to his painting. 

The undeniable talent, the inventiveness, the spontaneity and the positive fervency are the principal vectors of Ott Neuens.“ 


June 2021 – Art Charity Event “HOME”, LU

2019 Château de Beaufort, LU / Villa Collart, Konscht Festival Steinfort, LU 

2018 CAW Walferdange, LU

2017 Cercle Munster, LU

2016, 2019 Galerie Schauwenbuerg, Bertrange LU 

2015 Beim Engel Gallery, LU 

2014 Kulturhaus Niederanven, LU

2013 Maison des Princes, Pérouges, FR  /  Galerie Schauwenbuerg, Bertrange, LU 

2012 Galerie Am Duerf, Steinsel, LU / Noppeney Center, Differdange, LU Kaschenbach Gallery, Trier, DE / Sparts Gallery, Paris, FR 

2011 Bei der Kierch Gallery, Kehlen, LU     /    Center of Plural Arts, Ettelbruck, LU 

2010 Galerie Kaschenbach, Trier, DE / Strasbourg Art Fair "St-Art" with Galerie Marie-Claude Goinard, FR

2009 Galerie de Kehlen, LU / Gallery Spiren, exhibition in the context of the Contemporary Art Biennale, Strassen, LU

2008 Centre culturel français, LU / Galerie Am Duerf, with monograph presentation by Patrick-Gilles Persin, Steinsel, LU

2007 Cercle Munster, LU / Galerie du Château de Bourglinster, LU / Parlement Européen, LU

2006 Galerie Spiren, Strassen, LU

2005 Librairie-Galerie Bücherkasten, LU

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