Was born in 1981 in Baku, Azerbeijan. 

1990-2005 high school of arts, college of arts, Academy of Arts, master’s degree (MA) 

Member of the Union of Artists of Azerbaijan.

Anar Huseynzade  


Not being locked into his own individual world nor suffering from delusions of grandeur, the artist Anar has a very clear idea of his objective - to destroy borders and to fill the space that exists, on his opinion, between western fine art and that of Azerbaijan. Exhibitions in TR, DE, SW, UZ, MD and GB. 


2018 solo-exhibitions in Luxembourg (LU), Strasbourg (FR), Brussels (BE)

2016 «12?» group art exhibition. Museum of Modern Art / Baku, AZ

2015 «Tearful Khojaly» group exhibition. Yarat, National Palaces Painting Museum, TR

2013 «The Lights of Baku» art contest (3-rd place). Bakielektrikshebeke / Baku, AZ         Symposium of Artists of Azerbaijan & Moldova. Embassy of Azerbaijan in Moldova / Chisinau, Moldova2012 «Art and Energy» competition (1-st place). SOCAR / Baku, AZ2011  VI Tashkent International  Biennale of Contemporary Art. Academy of Arts of UZ2010  The International Art Festival. «Qiz Qalasi» gallery / Baku, AZ

2005 – 2010  numerous exhibitions on national level, Baku, AZ

Featured projects: 

2009 XII Artists Symposium. Turksoy / Samsun-Amasia, TR         Culturescapes Festival. Ministry of Culture of Azerbaijan / Basel, Switzerland

Public collections:

UN office in Switzerland, Collection of paintings of Heydar Aliyev Foundation, The National museum of Azerbaijan, The Modern Museum of Azerbaijan.

Private collections in USA, UK, Switzerland, TR, LU, GR, Australia  

If you are interested in cooperation / artwork acquiring, please contact us:

oksana@art-management.lu +352 661 311 205

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