@Dear Art-Connoisseur,

Thank you very much for your interest to the artworks.

We’ll be delighted to assist you with tailor-made solution regarding:

- Creation the concept for art-environment as a visualization of the business or individual’s mission, status, philosophy

- Selection the artworks for inside your working or living spaces

- Artwork purchase / Art-lending / Individual order

@Dear Artists,

We are happy to present the talents to the international audience.

+352-661-31-1205 oksana@art-management.lu

Exhibition space: "Foundry" 38, route d'Esch 1st floor L-1470 Luxembourg

Opening hours: Mo - Fr 4-7pm GMT+1

Always open upon request

If you are interested in artwork acquiring / lending, please contact us: oksana@art-management.lu +352 661 311 205

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