For companies:

- Art-environment creation as a visualization of your business philosophy and mission, reflection of your corporate values, transmitting of non-verbal message (concept creation followed by realization “turn key” through art-lending, art-leasing, acquiring of art-pieces)

- Advisory concerning the art-pieces selection and placement in your office depending on the desirable function in different areas, e.g. stimulate the dialog with clients, impress/relax, decrease the waiting time, foster motivation/concentration while working, generate ideas, etc.

- Bespoke art-events

- Possibility to create the personalized art-piece.

- Possibility to demonstrate company’s social responsibility through supporting the live artists

For interior designers / architects:

- Our human-oriented services are intended to improve the wellbeing due to the carefully selected art-piece which makes you smile, gives an energy, talks to you. It makes us different from other galleries or-and art-dealers.

- Wide range of art-pieces and exclusive design-objects to add the refined touch and transform the space to the spiritual place: unique creations only based on the individual preferences color/size/style/budget/etc.

- Weather-resistant artworks for the areas with unstable temperature and humidity, not-absorbing smells

If you are interested in cooperation / artwork acquiring, please contact us: +352 661 311 205

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