Born in 1961 in Luxembourg. Studied Plastic & Decorative Arts in Strasburg, FR. 

Current occupation: professor of plastic arts and sculptor.

Pitt Brandenburger


Pitt Brandenburger is an unclassifiable artist, ignoring fashions and trends. In the serenity of his atelier, he breathes, caresses, loves wood, respects it and seeks to extract the substantial marrow. With the preferred material of oak, walnut, cherry, maple among others, combined with cast iron or bronze, the artist fill the exhibition spaces with the cohort of submissive guards, kinds of anthropomorphic tabernacles sheltering within their symbolic objects, precious and vibrant stones like souls.

His superb works resonate as an invitation to contemplation and introspection. Mysticism and esotericism enter into symbiosis in this production which tends to lift the veil on the mysteries of life and creation. From the outset, what we apprehend are the perfect execution of the pieces, the polishing skill, the assembly of a stunning finesse and intelligence. Certainly, the sculptures challenge us with their aesthetics, but to penetrate the artist's universe, you have to grasp the symbolic nature of his work. 

Each tree is chosen according to its symbolic meaning, especially in Celtic mythology. Oak, for example, has evoked strength and sovereignty since antiquity, while walnut is a symbol of regeneration and energy. 


1992, 1995, 2000 Clairfontaine Gallery, LU 

1992 – now – exhibitions at different of galleries in Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium, France

Public collections:  

BCEE (State Saving Bank of Luxembourg), Banque centrale du Luxembourg), Commune de Schouweiler 

Monuments in public places

“3 guardiancies of the fountain”, Monument to the Miners 

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