“The trees are often there in my paintings as a main subject of depiction or as a background slightly to be guessed. The trees in my hometown and on my father’s farm I always perceived as a live creatures to talk and find a source of tireless energy. Nature speaks to me of strength and beauty, transformation, and joy.

My travels took me around the world and in each country, I visited I have done my best to take in the culture and the rhythm of the people. I pour into my work what I have absorbed.

I truly believe that my art provides a positive path, where is always something beautiful around the corner or behind a tree, even hidden within the bright colors. Where magic is always possible”.

Griselda Lechini


Griselda Lechini is a painter best known for her impressionistic landscapes and abstracts.

Her distinctive style is characterized by vivid colors that exude energy in her artwork.

Griselda was born in Argentina, lived in USA for more than twenty years, then moved to Europe in 2020 honoring her Luxembourgish roots. Currently she lives between Paris and Luxembourg.

Following a successful career in modelling and television, since 2008 she has completely devoted herself to painting.

She started in Lafayette, Louisiana, with Professor Gwen Voorhies, years later in Miami with Pablo Contrisciani, and then under the supervision of French master artist Jacques Harvey, who helped her to immerse in the forests theme, one of her favorites ones. Since 2012 she began to take part in shows around the US as well as in other countries around the world until nowadays. She also did art residences with Dacia Gallery in 2015, New York City.

In 2020 Griselda wrote an autobiographic novel devoted to the story of her family, when her Luxembourgish ancestors had moved to Argentina and their struggles for surviving. After her first visit to Luxembourg, she realized the deep reason of her passion for forests, her main subject of painting.

Currently, her works are shown at Gallery David Assouline in Paris, and Sama L. Ain Gallery in Dubai. Also they are present in private collections in USA, United Kingdom, Spain, Luxembourg, Germany, Argentina and Uruguay.


2023 Duo-show in David Assoulin Gallery, Paris, France

2022 Solo exhibition in Gallery SAMALAIN Gallery Dubai, UAE

2022 Charity Art Event by “Art Management”, LU

2021 Charity Exhibitions by “Art Management”, LU

2020 Presentation at Museum of the Cathedral de La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina (On hold)

2020 Apr “Carrusel Du Louvre”, Paris, France (Postponed due Covid19)

2020 Group show at “Glo Creative Gallery”, Miami

2020 Exhibition in River Plate Vip Room Opening of football season, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2019 Miami Platform by Sogol Decor

2019 Solo presentation at “Must” Institute Champs Elysees, Paris, France

2019 Duo-exhibition, Da Vinci Gallery, Paris

2019 Participation in Nina Torres World Tour, Greece

2019 Group Showcase with Artist Eddie Bogaert at “Pinks”, NYC

2019 PARIS ART FAIR , Porte de Versailles with Nina Torres Fine Art, France

2019 Oolite Arts, Miami

2019 Da Vinci Gallery, Paris, France

2018 National Hotel Art Show during Art Basel, South Beach


2018 Da Vinci Art Gallery Showcase, Paris, France

2018 Solo Presentation during opening at “Aston Martin” Residency, Miami

2016 ART EXPO NYC "Art Nation Gallery"

2016 Group Show Wynwood, USA

2016 "Home Show" Miami Beach Convention

2016 Participation Group Show "Dacia Gallery", NYC

2016 ART PALM BEACH with "Irreversible Projects"

2015 Govermment Center, Downtown Miami 16th Annual Hispanic Heritage Month

2015 West End Public Library "West End after dark Gallery Night", USA

2015 June, July Solo Show Mc Cormick Place, Miami

2015 Residency followed by group Show "Dacia Gallery", NYC

2014 "Art Experience Tour" Punta del Este, Uruguay. Several Venues

2014 "Spectrum" Art Basel Miami (2) own Booth, and Artisan Direct NYC

2014 Mana" Wynwood, Art Basel Miami

2014 SCOPE Digital Presentation by See.me

2014 Biennal of Buenos Aires, Centro Borges, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2014 TIMES SQUARE NY, Digital Group Exhibition by See.me

2014 Art Expo NY "Artisan Direct", NYC

2013 SCOPE Art Basel Miami, "The Hangar" Gallery, Miami

2013 SPECTRUM (Art Basel Miami) by "Artisan Direct"

2013 Wolfson Campus, University of Miami Philantrofest

2013 "Art Fusion Galleries" Miami

2012 Red Dot, (Art Basel Miami) by "Artisan Direct"

2012 Centro Cultural Espanol (CCE Miami)

2012 Group Exhibition in Miami Beach Botanical Gardens "Arts Center"

Donations / Silent Auctions:

2012-2019 Annual Editon “The Little Lighthouse Foundation”, Miami “Hearts and Stars Gala”, Miami

2016, 2017, 2019 “Make a Wish” Foundation Gala, Miami

2018, “GEM” Gala - Global Empowerment Mission Gala (For Disaster Relief and AID)

2017/2018 “Amigos near” CATWALK FOR CHARITY (HAITI)

2017 Responsible Charity Corp, (Turnberry Isle Resort), Miami

2016, 2017 “Amigos near Foundation”

2014 Benefit Kids in Haiti

2016 Cocktail helping kids around the world, Miami

Dec 2017 Fashion Show

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