Born in 1970 in Zgorigrad, Bulgaria. 

1993 graduated from the Sofia Academy of Fine Arts, specialty “sculpture”.

Ivan Kulinski


In recent years, Ivan Kulinski has established himself as one of the most talented and promising sculptors of his generation in the field of contemporary art in Bulgaria.

He creates the bronze statuettes mainly but he manifested himself in the monumental outdoor sculptor as well.

Kulinski focuses on concrete representations based on analysis, following a homogeneous approach in its simplicity. Most of his works exclude the story-telling.

As a general rule, he doesn’t offer complex or multi-figure solutions. On the contrary, his goal is to achieve the purity of the sign, insisting on the categorical and formal conviction of the silhouette. This is his fundamental artistic creed, which allows him to keep the natural beauty of the material. This is one of the reasons, why his sculptures touch the viewer so convincingly and spontaneously, without premeditation.

The solutions chosen by the artist regarding composition, volume and plastic are intended to let it be a human being, an animal or an object. He succeeds in keeping the interrogation and arousing an interest thanks to the dynamics of multiple links connecting the figurative and the abstract. 

His creations demonstrate the best aesthetic and artistic characteristics of the metal: the interweaving of volumes, the richness of the texture, the brilliance and the sophisticated nuances of the forms.

Exhibitions in Sofia, Varna, Saint Polten, Vienna (Bank Austria), London, Paris.

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