AGENDA: Art Charity Event June 2021

Dear Friends!

The possibility to meet the artist in person is always an exiting discovery. We are happy to give you this fantastic chance every Saturday during June 2021:

5.06.2021: Lea Schroeder, René Roeser, Hermine Jouan, Salam Noach, Benoît Kunsch, Jaeyun Moon, Danay Haile

12.06.2021: Hermine Jouan, Olga Oswald-Shorokhova, Neha S C, Eliane Graal, Silvia Karamfilova

19.06.2021: Christiane Bley, Benoît Kunsch, Silvia Karamfilova, Danay Haile

26.06.2021: Lea Schroeder, Salam Noah, Christiane Bley, Neha S C, Yves Geraud, Egberdien van der Torre, Danay Haile

Good-educated pets are welcome! ;)

Due to the limited number of visitors your respect to anti-Covid19 measures and preliminary registration is much appreciated: +352 661 311 205

If you are interested in cooperation / artwork acquiring, please contact us: +352 661 311 205

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