Born in Luxembourg in 1963, the artist has been interested in photography from a very young age. After years of progressing, he switched to digital media, while not abandoning the classical argentic film photography. He is  continuously perfecting his art by following trainings and coachings in Germany, Switzerland and Spain.

Benoît Kunsch


In his artistic work, we find the importance of the search for a relationship to space. The way in which he chooses to tell the story of a building or a landscape is important to him, because the transcription of ALL their physical aspects in photography remains impossible. That’s the reason why he works on volumes and light.

In his "aesthetic" approach, he seeks to make the watcher discover the subject from new or unusual points of view, which its creator had not necessarily foreseen or imagined.

The artist likes to play with shadows and light, bringing action into his pictures. One of his primary criteria is to humanize the photos. This allows him to create staging, whose purpose is to recall through specific actions, accessories and scenography, the functionality of a building, the aesthetics of a landscape or of what composes it.

He tries to trigger emotion, questioning, admiration and to share an aesthetic pleasure.


2018 Collective Exhibition with LAC, Strassen, LU

2019, 2021 Collective Exhibition CAW, Walferdange, LU

2019 Biennale de Strassen, LU

2019: Exhibition at Vinyl Harvest, Esch/Alzette, LU

2019 Documentation Center of Human Migration (Humberto Cappelari Exhibition), Dudelange, LU

2020 Aug, Oct: LuxExpo, LU 

2020: Online Exhibition « Natural Barcodes » @

2020 International collective exhibition by “Art-Management”, LU

2021 Art Charity Event “HOME”, LU organized by “Art-Management”

2021 “Insight_InCity” duo-exhibition, Da Vinci Forum, LU by “Art-Management”

2021 Online exhibitions: Artnet “Shorelines”, “Tone Reversal”; @art.kunstmatrix «Deranged»  

2021: «Shorelines» and «Integration», Espace ArTime, LU 

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