Born in Neuquén, Argentina in 1978, he lives in Patagonia.

1996 - 2000 studied audiovisual arts in CIEVIC (Centro de Investigación y Experimentación en Video y Cine), in Buenos Aires. He worked on film, publicity, television, theatre, and photojournalism.

Andrés Bär


During his work in TV-media for 6 years he got more and more interested in socio and environmental themes. When he decided to be an active communicator, the photography became a tool for re-thinking and reflecting reality. Meanwhile he was part of artistic group called "La Cochambre", creating installations, exhibitions, and public interventions. Also he co-directed performances which merged dance, theatre, and video at theatrical company from the Grotowky's school. The very important benchmarks in his experience were 2 years of work as a photojournalist and a cameraman for "La Guerra del Fracking", a documentary from a famous Argentinian politician and film director Pino Solanas. Bӓr has been shown in solo and group exhibitions in Patagonia. His photos have been published in "Mujeres Indígenas y formas de hacer política", book edition.

Since 2017 he is teaching at the School of Audiovisual Art combining it with the role of the Director of Photography in "La Chacra Producciones", a fiction and documentary film production.


June 2021 – Art Charity Event “HOME”, LU

2016 Exhibition“ Elita, un lugar”, Neuquén, Argentina

2014 Solo exhibition “Salvador” Neuquén, Argentina

2014 Exhibition“ Festival de la Luz”, Neuquén, Argentina

2012 Solo exhibition “Difusa Refelxión” La Caja Mágica, Rio Negro  Argentina

2011 Exhibition “Reveladas-Rebeladas” - Neuquén, Argentina

2010 Exhibition “Ser aquí y ahora”  - Pellegrini Lake, Rio Negro, Argentina

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