“The new way of measuring time” 6.03.-18.04.2020

#Foundry 38, route d'Esch L-1470 Luxembourg

Information about artists

Dear art-connoisseur, if you are interested in the specific artwork feel free to contact us: oksana@art-management.lu

René Roeser (LU) "The new way of measuring time"1/5 FineartprintDigital composing61x61cm800€ / 0.13BTC
René Roeser (LU) "Cards" 1/5FineartprintDigital composing81x61cm800 € / 0.11BTC
René Roeser (LU) "On the road" 4/5FineartprintDigital composing81x61cm800 € / 0.11BTC
René Roeser (LU) "Cleaning the sky" 1/5FineartprintDigital composing61x61cm750 € /0.1BTC
René Roeser (LU) "Interaction"1/5 FineartprintDigital composing53x73cm700€ / 0.09BTC
René Roeser (LU) "Heavy Metal Family" 1/5FineartprintDigital composing61x61cm750 € / 0.1BTC
René Roeser (LU) "Natural escalator" 1/5Print on canvasDigital composing75x50cm700 € /0.09BTC

Ivan Kulinsli (BG) "King & Queen"Piece unique Sculpture / brass 35 x 5 x 36cm 3500€ / 0.5BTC
Ivan Kulinsli (BG) "Lady with scarf"Piece unique Sculpture / brass 10 x 10 x 48cm 2500€ / 0.38BTC
Inspiraria (GE-LU) "Winter fairy tale"Oil on Canvas 70x100cm2500€ / 0.35BTC
Inspiraria (GE-LU) "Terrestrial Moon"Oil on Canvas 60x80cm2000€ / 0.3BTC
Inspiraria (GE-LU) "Erato"Oil on Canvas 60x70cm1000€ / 0.15BTC
Inspiraria (GE-LU) "Metastases of love"Oil on Canvas 80x80cm2000€ / 0.3BTC
Inspiraria (GE-LU) "Astral attraction "Oil on Canvas 60x80cm2000€ / 0.3BTC
Inspiraria (GE-LU) "Aquamarine"Liquid acrylic, precious stones, canvas 50x40cm500€ / 0.07BTC
Inspiraria (GE-LU) "Music in the soul"Mixed media, canvas 30x30cm500€ / 0.07BTC
Inspiraria (GE-LU) "Mind gravity"Oil on Canvas 50x120cm2000€ / 0.3BTC

If you are interested in artwork purchasing/ make offer/ art-lending, please contact us: oksana@art-management.lu +352 661 311 205

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